We exist for the fans, the league, & the culture

CKC is a premier RKL organization & lifestyle brand, cultivating a global community that redefines the future of gaming, sports, entertainment and culture. The pioneers of next.

Optimized Kong Performance & Earnings

We attract & retain the best talent. Period. Our goal is to be the first true performance-based RKL organization. Our proprietary algorithm will allow us to optimize our roster to compete at the highest level and maximize the potential for championships.

Building a coast to coast to coast community

Connect with fans & staff in the official CKC Discord & Twitter. Stay up-to-date with all the latest news and content surrounding RKL, Clubs, and giveways.

Exclusive Drip

Introducing CKC Foundations 2022. Our essentials apparel collection.

We share success with our partners

We work closely and collaboratively with partners to improve the RKL entertainment experience for everyone involved. Strategic. Innovative. Committed.

The founders

Join the club

From roster to staff to fans, we are comprised of competitive and passionate Kongs who came to CKC with the goal of winning countless RKL trophies, and creating a diverse thriving community around the future.

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